USM: Of Everyone, By Everyone

USM: Of Everyone, By Everyone
University of Southern Maine – Gorham Campus – Philippi Hall | Photo by Author

An email went out to the University of Southern Maine about a Poetry Contest. The theme was to write an original USM love poem for Valentine’s Day. On a whim, I wrote and submitted a sonnet about USM and ended up being voted as 2nd Place, winning a 1/2 Pound box of chocolate!

“Hope” may be that with feather,
However, I mean no disrespect to Dickinson.
I much prefer being Student Focused together,
Supporting the Huskies, at the University of Everyone.

From anywhere on the campuses three,
To the furthest reaches online,
All a pillar on the journey to a college degree.
The journey much like a steadfast incline.

Regardless if faculty, staff, or student,
Each member plays their part.
All together being prudent,
To forge memories which never depart.

To feel the warmth of education’s lamp,
How delightful, thy name is Champ.